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A few words about Gordon

Who is Gordon you ask? Gordon is the owners soon to be Australian Shepard puppy arriving soon in the new year. After searching Melbourne North to South and beyond we finally found a corner of the world Gordon could call home. The location embraced the opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. The space at Gordon was designed to remove the feeling of yet another cafe wedged under a skyscraper and bring warmth and a home away from home for the Southbank locals and office workers alike.

Exceptional specialty coffee is the goal at Gordon. The beans have been sourced from Five Senses coffee. Embracing top level equipment and well trained eager to please baristas has ensured your delicious cup gets to you with haste.

A passion for food and a flare for taste is the base line for Gordons head Chef Julius Wolfe. With a long and diverse career in hospitality kitchens, Julius has developed a menu which is simple but has carefully finished dishes to excite all who explore. Locally sourced and seasonal changed has ensured the menu stays relevant and tasty. 

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71 coventry st, southbank
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